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The Cancer Prevention Research Trust

This year thousands of people will find out they have cancer. The Cancer Prevention Research Trust specialises in cancer control and prevention research not just because we can but because we should. Organisations like ours around the world are engaged in the battle against cancer, we are proud to assist in this fight.

The trust is the only organisation in the world solely dedicated to cancer control research. Our generation's challenge is addressing the very serious problem of increasing cancer deaths. Unless we act now the future will be bleak. It is just possible that for many of the forms of cancer there will be no magic cure and the most logical approach will be to find means of cancer prevention.

Most of us have been brought up in a cure-orientated climate. It is time to respond to the challenge of the climate of change, a challenge that demands a serious response from industry and the public. Preventing cancer is a very serious business for all of us.

On this website you will find a wealth of information including causes of cancer, guidelines on minimising the risk of you catching cancer and detailed information on the treatment of cancer.

Should you wish to make a donation towards our cause or a contribution to honour a person or persons then please visit our Tributes, in memoriam gifts and Legacies pages where you will find various different ways to help our noble cause. Please give as generously as you can, thank you.

Cancer Control Techniques

Our guidelines should improve the health of everyone, whether or not they have cancer. If followed, they could also extend the lifespan of persons with cancer.


Causes of Cancer

Each year in the United Kingdom more than 230,000 people die from cancer. One in three of all persons born in the United Kingdom develops some form of cancer during his or her lifetime.

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